Cars / Motorcycles / Scooters

SIMON’S HOUSE is located in a residential neighborhood and as such, it is important to maintain good relations with neighbors. Participants with automobiles should be respectful of neighbors' parking needs and should not "take a neighbors space" in front of their house. Parking in front of SIMON’S HOUSE should be done in accordance with local laws and regulations (e.g., direction of car, side of street, not blocking alleyways or neighbors' rights of access). Also, keep in mind that Police often patrol the neighborhood and may issue citations for unlawfully parked automobiles.

NOTE: Due to parking issues, participants MUST GET APPROVAL BEFORE bringing a motor vehicle to Simon’s House for more than a few hours.

Congregating/loitering around cars in front of SIMON’S HOUSE is not allowed except when loading/unloading/coming/going. When parking in front of the house please be mindful of trash days and make sure that there is plenty of room for the trash truck to get to the trash. 

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