House Rules

PROFANITY — SIMON’S HOUSE is a Christian-based Program and PROFANITY will NOT be tolerated at any time. Violators will be subject to fines to be determined per offense.

CURFEW· First fourteen (14) days of residency "Intake Period" — the curfew is 5:00pm during the week, and not allowed to leave on weekends or holidays that may fall during the first 14 days unless the Participant is working. Participants are responsible for advising Josiah or Christine as far ahead of time as possible if they will not be able to meet curfew due to work obligations.
· Days fifteen to ninety (15-90) — the curfew is 10:00pm including weekends.
· After ninety (90) days — Sunday through Thursday, the curfew is 10:00pm, and on Friday & Saturday the curfew is 12:00am.

Tobacco use (including, but not limited to, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping devices, snuff, dip, and chew) is only allowed in designated areas outside of the House and is absolutely FORBIDDEN in the front yard/porch areas. Smokers are to USE AN ASHTRAY and keep the smoking area clear of cigarette butts and ashes. Participants who "chew or dip" tobacco should be considerate of others by being discreet or using some sort of spittoon and should dispose of their used product in a trash receptacle — not on the ground. Improper disposal of any tobacco product(s) will result in a fine.

BEDROOMS — Bedrooms are private spaces and reserved for assigned occupants. Do not enter another Participant's bedroom without their express permission and with them in the bedroom. Participants are expected to make their beds and make sure their rooms are in order on a daily basis before they leave the house.

DISHES — Each Participant is responsible for washing after each use. Dirty dishes are not to be left in the sink. LEAVING DIRTY DISHES IN THE KITCHEN SINK WILL RESULT IN DISCIPINARY ACTION AND/OR REMOVAL FROM PROGRAM.

CLEANLINESS AND HYGIENE — Participants should follow the basic rule of cleaning up after themselves. Common sense and common courtesy dictate that, if you use a kitchen//bathroom/appliance/etc., then CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! Also, Participants are expected to maintain a socially acceptable level of personal hygiene (e.g., regular showering, shaving, brushing teeth, etc.). You must not have clutter on the floors or under your bed. No piles of clean or dirty laundry on the floor. KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR HOUSE, GROUNDS, BEDROOMS, KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, ETC CLEAN AND ORDERLY.

LOCKS —Participants will be provided with a code to unlock house doors. All exterior doors should be locked when leaving a House when no other Participants remain inside; even if just going "across the street" for a while.

QUIET TIME — "Quiet Time" is from 11:00pm to 7:00am. During this period, whatever you do, DO IT QUIETLY. Remember, what is quiet to you may not be to someone else, so please be considerate of other Participants. If you are bothering someone with your noise you are violating the Quiet Time rules.

THERMOSTATS — No adjustments to thermostat settings should be made without the explicit approval/consent of Josiah or Christine. Changing a thermostat setting without the approval will result in a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fine.

WINDOWS — Participants should not leave windows open when leaving a House. Failure to close and lock/secure windows when leaving a House will result in a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fine.

BULLETIN AND DRY ERASE BOARDS — Participants should regularly check House bulletin board for announcements. DO NOT write on the white board!

SENIORITY — Seniority applies to room assignments within each SIMON’S HOUSE and is earned based on length of stay at that property. Persons with seniority have the first right of refusal regarding bedroom slots in their house that become available due to another Participant's moving.

PERSONAL PROPERTY — Participants should be considerate and respectful of other Participants' personal property. No Participant should use another's personal property without express permission from the property owner. THIS INCLUDES FOOD. Violation of this provision will result in disciplinary action. Repeated unauthorized use of other Participants' property will result in expulsion from SIMON’S HOUSE. All personal property is to be stored in your room or other predesignated area assigned to you. In general, there is NO STORAGE in the garage.

TV/CABLE — SIMON’S HOUSE has a television in the living room. Television is watched by the principle of "first come, first served" if there is only one person watching, but will be controlled "democratically" if there are more persons in the viewing area. Participants should use sound judgment when selecting what to view; selection should be "Program-appropriate" for all SIMON’S HOUSE Participants and visitors. Pausing programs is not allowed. PAY-PER-VIEW TV IS NOT ALLOWED. TELEVISION IS A PRIVILIGE AND VIOLATIONS OF THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN VIEWING RESTRICTIONS, FINES, REMOVAL OF TV SERVICES, OR OTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION.

CHORES — This is YOUR HOUSE and to that end, each Participant is assigned rotating chores on a weekly basis. Chore assignment lists will be posted publicly. FAILURE TO SATISFACTORILY PERFORM/COMPLETE ASSIGNED CHORES WILL RESULT IN RETURNING TO OVERFLOW AT TRES LOGOS.

WASHER/DRYER — Washer/dryer appliances are provided by SIMON’S HOUSE. Do not overload the washer or dryer and clothes should be removed from the washer or dryer promptly upon cycle completion. Dryer lint traps should be cleaned by users after each use and Participants are expected to maintain the laundry areas in a neat and orderly fashion. If you spill something, then clean it up. DO NOT LEAVE AN IRON UNATTENDED AND BE CAREFUL TO NOT BURN ANYTHING WHEN USING OR PUTTING AWAY AN IRON. Failure to properly maintain the laundry area/supplies will result in a fine. WASHER LOADS SHOULD BE STARTED BEFORE 9:00PM AND KEEP IN MIND "QUIET TIME" WHEN USING DRYERS.

NEIGHBORHOOD RELATIONS — SIMON’S HOUSE is located in a residential neighborhood and as such, it is important to maintain good relations with neighbors. Participants with automobiles should be respectful of neighbors' parking needs and should not "take a neighbors space" in front of their house. Participants should be mindful not to be making excessive noise outside nor should Participants engage in activities that would infringe on the neighbors' rights to privacy, peace and quiet.

FOOD STORAGE — Each Participant will be assigned cupboard/shelf space in the kitchen and refrigerator for storing food stuffs. DO NOT USE ANOTHER PARTICIPANT'S STORAGE SPACE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. Participants should clean up after themselves and not leave food or trash lying around.

Do not consume another Participant's food without their permission. BASIC RULE: IF IT IS NOT YOURS, THEN DON'T TOUCH IT! Violations of this rule WILL result removal from the program.

HOUSE MEETINGS AND ROUNDTABLE ATTENDANCE — House meetings and Roundtable are held every Sunday after Church at Tres Logos. It is mandatory that all Participants be present at House meetings unless excused by Josiah or Christine. If a Participant is late for a house meeting or absent for any unexcused reason, then the Participant will be subject to a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fine. All absences should be coordinated PRIOR TO THE MEETING. If attendance at House meetings becomes an issue, even if absent due to work or being out of town, a Participant will be subject to disciplinary actions.

The following behavior(s) may result in a monetary fine, other restriction, or moved to intake room at Tres Logos for an undetermined length of time.:
· Failure to complete assigned chores
· Missing a Round Table Meeting
· Unhealthy/Unclean behavior
· Accumulating dishes
· Unattended laundry (clothes left in washer or dryer)
· Improper disposal of tobacco products, including spitting.
· Profanity
· Improper use of electronics (viewing pornography, lack of consideration for others)
· Inattentiveness at SIMON’S HOUSE functions, including use of phone, sleeping, talking. 

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