Incarcerated Loved Ones & Men with Sex Crimes

Simon's House will consider men currently incarcerated. If the person is currently in prison, we will only consider them AFTER they have been GRANTED PAROLE. Most men in Parole Review are not granted parole, because of this it is impractical to block a bed for them. Once they have been GRANTED Parole, they will have a rough idea as to when they will be released, what programs they must complete prior to parole and have a rough idea as to what conditions they will have to comply with during parole. We CAN accept men on all types of monitors.

Once an offender has been granted a positive parole decision, the offender will need to contact us directly and we will communicate directly with them. We will discuss what their wants are after prison and if our program can fit their needs. We have found that most men will tell their family that they are fine with a faith-based program, but will let us know that they really do not want to be in one. Many do not want to live with the restrictions that we impose. For those that truly want what we have to offer, we will work with them on their reentry plan. We do not want to set anyone up for failure, we only want men that will thrive in our environment. If you would like us to contact your loved one in TDCJ, please text us their name, date of birth, and TDCJ number.

For men in county jail, they will have to write us directly and indicate that they understand that we are a faith-based program and that they are interested in joining us. We will then write to them and get communication started.

Men with Sex Crimes: we currently do not have space for Sex Offenders. The cities that we are in severely limit us from accepting Sex Offenders no matter how old their charge is.  

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