Overnight Passes
Participants in Good Standing may submit a request for an "Overnight Pass" according to the guidelines below:
     · First thirty (30) days - No overnight absences are allowed.
     · Days thirty-one to sixty (31-60) — A Participant is allowed            one (1) Overnight Pass every other week.
     · After ninety (90) days — A Participant is allowed three (3)          Overnight Passes every other week, which is considered            to fall within a single 72 hour time frame. Weekend                    passes do not exclude SIMON’S HOUSE program                      attendance unless distance to travel exceeds 100 miles in          one direction.
Requests for Overnight Passes MUST be submitted according to the guidelines below:
      · Single night — three (3) days ahead of time.
      · Consecutive nights — requests must be submitted at least           one (1) week in advance.
A pass that is issued to begin on Friday will not be valid UNTIL the Friday night Bible Study is completed.
Overnight Passes MUST be approved by Josiah or Christine and should be scheduled in a manner that does not conflict with a Participant's involvement in the Program such as attending SIMON’S HOUSE events, completing chores, and attending the Sunday Round-table and Church.
This means Participants with a valid Overnight Pass for Saturday night are still expected to attend the Sunday Round-table and Church. Consideration will be given to those traveling over one hundred (100) miles. At the discretion of SIMON’S HOUSE Management, a Participant who is granted an Overnight Pass will be subject to any of the aforementioned tests, ie. (UA, Breathalyzer Test, and/or ETG Alcohol Screening Test Strips) upon their return to a SIMON’S HOUSE House.
Staying out overnight without proper approval is considered a relapse and a Participant will be subject to a UA, Breathalyzer Test, and/or ETG Alcohol Screening Test Strips and/or other disciplinary actions, including expulsion from SIMON’S HOUSE.

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