Mandatory Meetings

  • Tuesdays 6PM-8:30PM: re:generation
    Located at LakePointe Church, Mesquite (3540 Emporium Circle, Mesquite, TX 75150) Meet and greet (with FOOD) starts at 6PM, Worship starts at 6:30PM. The van generally leaves the house at 5:40PM.
  • Thursdays 6PM-7PM: Alcoholics Anonymous
    We attend Freedom Group, (2232 N Town E Blvd, Mesquite, TX 75150) The van generally leaves at 5:30PM. If you are scheduled to work during this time you may attend another AA or NA meeting in place of this if you get PRIOR approval.
  • Fridays 6PM-9PM: Dinner, Bible Study, & Round Table
    Dinner and Bible Study at Tres Logos (3258 Tres Logos, Dallas, TX 75228) are required unless you are scheduled to work during this time. Dinner is served around 6PM and Bible Study usually starts around 7PM. The van generally leaves Vicksburg around 5:30PM. If you are going to be late or have to miss due to scheduled work, contact Christine or Josiah BEFORE 5PM. Round Table is the time where issues dealing with people, the house, and the program are discussed. Everything from chores to parties to changes in the program are discussed at this time.
  •     Most people get paid on Friday afternoons, our experience has been that if someone does not have a place they have to be right after work on payday, the temptation to use is just too much and Saturday morning finds them dirty and broke. With a forced dinner and Bible study, you wake up Saturday, clean and with money.

  • Sundays 9:30AM-12:20PM: Church & Life Group
    Located at LakePointe Church, Mesquite (3540 Emporium Circle, Mesquite, TX 75150) Worship starts at 9:30AM and ends around 10:45AM. Life Group starts at 11AM in room 132. The van generally leaves at 9AM.
  •     LakePointe is a very casual Church. Shorts, t-shirts, flip flops are considered normal here.     You do not need to “dress up” for Church. Life Group is our small group which is mostly     people in recovery. It’s a dynamic group that likes to do extra things away from Church     (parties, camp outs, going to sporting events)

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