Financial & Goals

Simon’s House is a ministry but not a charity. It does not depend on, or receive “outside support”, which means that it must be financially self sufficient as an organization. This means that participants are expected to pay their own way.

Current fees start with a $150 administrative fee which is charged each time a participant starts at Simon’s House. If you leave and come back, there will be a new $150 administrative fee for the new stay. There is also a weekly fee of $160 due at the beginning of our week which runs Saturday through Friday. Most participants made their payments Friday evening since most paydays are Friday and everyone is at the house for dinner and Bible Study. Payments can be made in Cash, checks, money order, Zelle, Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo. We prefer Zelle since it is free for each party and it represents that you have a real bank account in your own name.

After your first full paycheck we encourage you to open a bank account. Having money in the bank instead of your sock or other hiding place is a lot more secure. We strongly suggest that you open a free checking account since we want you to reduce your expenses and save for your future goals.

Please do not loan money to other Simon’s House participants. If they relapse, or leave for any other reason you will most likely never get your money back. 

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