What To Expect

Our houses are regular residential houses in middle class neighborhoods. During your first days at Simon’s House you will most likely be placed in our “overflow room”, it was originally the living room, complete with a fireplace. In this room we have 4 beds. Once you have started working and we have an understanding of what types of people you get along with best you will be moved into a regular bedroom with 2 beds or in the case of the master bedroom, 3 beds total. Since this is a sobriety house, we do random Breathalyzer and Urine Analysis drug tests. If a participant fails a test, they are to leave that day. If a drug test indicates fake urine, “bleaching”, etc. the result is a failed test and the participant is to leave that day. We test for store bought urine!

The house has a house phone, high speed Internet with WiFi, a computer for business purposes (like finding a job), 2 TVs, and is walking distance from 2 DART bus stops.

After walking through the house and getting an idea of where everything is at, you will fill out our 2 page application, and be given a copy of important rules that you will initial. We will discuss your needs for food (do you have a SNAP Card aka Food Stamps), clothing needs, and job/work situation and history. We will also discuss any issues we see in finding work such as your skills, previous jobs and types of felonies if any. After we have had a chance to discuss these things we will work with you to create a plan. We usually go to employment agencies on your first full business day at the house.

You will be expected to provide your own meals (that is why we help with SNAP the first day), wash your own laundry (washer and dryer are in the house), and find a full-time job. During the first 14 days you are expected to be at the house by 5pm Monday through Friday unless you have a job which keeps you from being able to, and at the house all day Saturday and Sunday. (note that you are not allowed to leave the house for any reason the first 14 days unless preapproved by Christine or Josiah)

We are a Christ-Centered ministry; but we will not force religion on you. We have some participants that do not believe in God, and some that were raised following other religions. Our belief is that Christianity is best spread by how we live, not yelling Bible verses at you.
That said; beyond the required A.A. Meeting on Thursday nights (6-7pm)
we do REQUIRE attendance
1. at our Church based 12-step program (Tuesdays from 6pm-8:30pm),
2. Bible study on Friday nights (unless you are scheduled to work), and
3. Church on Sundays from 9:30-Noon (After 90 days at Simon’s House visiting other Churches on the first Sunday of each month may be allowed for participants in good standing*)

*Good Standing is defined as current on all financial obligations, no missed meetings, and no house, chore, or hygiene warnings.  

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