Simon's House is a Christ centered sober living home that offers a clean, respectful and safe living. Our living situation that involves Re:Generation, the Christ-Based 12 Step program, other 12 Step meetings and Church attendance. Our structured program is designed to assist men back to a responsible way of life and a successful transition into mainstream society. Our residents are expected to maintain full-time jobs outside of the program which we will assist in finding. Within our Christ-based focus, we work towards Family Reconciliation, Self Sufficiency, Self Esteem, Budgeting, and developing a sense of community and service.

Who we are

Simon’s House Christian Sober living was started in January 2019 by Christine and Josiah Luttrell as a ministry to help men with addiction issues rebuild their lives. Three years before at Christmas time we were evicted from our apartment because the landlord learned of Josiah’s felony conviction. Homeless, without a job, and relying on food pantries for food, we were in a tough situation. After trying in vain to find someplace to rent, we gave it up to God to provide. God provided a small house for us to purchase and a loan to buy our home.

A friend helped Josiah get a job as a handyman which grew into contracting complete renovations. Shortly after, we were led by God to create Simon’s House. Just like our clients, we have been through the trials of dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), food pantries, job denials, etc. and have learned how to navigate the system. 

Who Is Simon?

We named our program Simon’s House after Simon the Leper who is found in 3 of the 4 Gospels of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark & Luke). Simon was a once a Leper, a man that was so looked down upon that he was not allowed to live in any city and, when walking down the highway would have to yell out loud that he was a Leper and Unclean loud enough so that anyone nearby would avoid him. Simon the Leper was healed by Jesus and made Clean. Simon went on to become a powerful leader in his city and wealthy enough to host the largest party for Jesus, celebrating Jesus’ raising a man from the dead.

Simon went from outcast of society to a leader of society. We believe that this is an example of what all men, addicts included, can do with their life with Jesus as their Savior and Guide.

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