Moving out, Expulsion, or returning

It is our hope that everyone at Simon’s House is able to “graduate” out of the program to a home of their own, be it an apartment, house, or mobile home. That is one reason why starting a checking account as soon as possible is suggested. It is our hope that you will include us in you planning so that we can be of help when the time comes. We would like to help you find furniture, etc. before your move so that you have something in your new place. If something comes up that you were not expecting, we would like a week’s notice when possible.

Please note that if you leave on good terms and ever need to return to Simon’s House we will do our best to have a bed for you if we can.

Unfortunately, there are times when we are forced to remove people from the program. The following are grounds for immediate removal from the program:
Coming up positive on a drug test (Relapse).
Drug test indicates “adulteration”. We test for fake urine, bleaches, watering down and
other methods to try to beat a drug test. If the test indicates any of these, we have to
remove the participant from the program.
Getting behind on fees.
Possession of any drug paraphernalia.
Possession of ANY intoxicant.
Behavior indicative of being intoxicated, or being disruptive.
Theft of ANY kind. This includes taking someone’s food, even drinking their milk.
Violence (or the threat thereof)
Not working a full-time job
Failure to participate satisfactorily in Program events/activities

Returning to Simon’s House
For participants that have left in good standing, if we have a bed, we will try to accommodate you. For those that were removed due to addiction issues, most are eligible to return after 30 days have passed since they left. Anyone that brings intoxicants or paraphernalia into the house will be permanently barred from returning. Also, anyone removed due to theft will not be allowed to return.

Note: There is a $150 administrative fee to return to the house. (see Financial & Goals section)

A Participant moving from SIMON’S HOUSE for any reason is responsible for packing and taking as much of their personal property as possible at the time they leave. Any personal property that is properly packed and ready for moving, but cannot be taken at the time of departure, will be held by SIMON’S HOUSE for forty-eight (48) hours in order to allow the person moving to retrieve their property in a timely manner. After forty-eight (48) hours, any personal property left at SIMON’S HOUSE (packed or otherwise) will be considered abandoned. ANYTHING unpacked is abandoned. 

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